Auto Express Audience Would Like The Saab 900 To Return

Auto Express audience would like to see the Saab 900 make a return, which is why they selected it among the list of 10 legend vehicles in the Most Wanted Cars 2014

The Saab 900 has been around since 1978 and Saab claimed there have been an abundance of nods towards the airplane production history within the vehicle’s design and style, such as the curved dashboard or windscreen. It had been obtainable with a number of engines all through its life, covering anything from a 99bhp 2.-litre, up to a 185bhp Carlsson motor.

The very first Saab 900 ran right until 1994, when the 2nd generation design was unveiled riding on the Vauxhall Vectra platform. Probably the most unforgettable Saab 900 feature was the Sensonic gearbox, which worked well just like a manual but without having a clutch pedal. The 2nd generation Saab 900 also showcased the Night Panel system, which blacked out all but the most crucial drivers info permitting drivers to focus on the road.

Whether or not it were to become raised from the dead, a completely new 900 could access a platform on the stillborn 9-3 that Saab ran right until the day it proceeded to go broke. When it comes to maintaining technical development a part of its charm, Saab was identified to be working away at a four-wheel-drive hybrid program for the foreseeable future designs and the 900 would have been a great match for that.

But a 2.litre BMW power plant driving the front wheels and electric powered motors driving the rears, would make most sense. But at this time we`re concerned that the new Saab 900 seems like an incredibly long shot.

  New Saab 900