London’s Supercar Crackdown

This is news that Kensington and indeed Chelsea Borough Authorities are contemplating giving out penalties to motorists to whom it believes to generally be creating ‘excessive’ noises is far more than just a little concerning.

To begin with, even though the fees and penalties and violations which can result in a fine are already set out in great detail, not much has been mentioned about how exactly the laws are going to be enforced.

London Supercars

Don’t forget, the recommended legislation suggests you may be handed a £100 fine if you are regarded to generally be producing an excessive amount of noise, either by revving your motor, beeping your horn, in fact traveling in a convoy, let alone street racing or obstructing the general highway.

These are generally all valid points; let us be absolutely clear on that. For any residents or visitors to Kensington and Chelsea, the night-time serenade of noisy horse power must be getting very tiring, having said that i just can’t help but feel this will probably create a type of racial profiling for motor vehicles.

So there you have it – for those who own a vehicle from those solely named manufacturers in that location, get ready to come under additional inspection in the event the plan moves ahead. It’s well known that normal vehicles could be altered to become even louder than most supercars, but it’s actually the important name badges the local authority appears to be on the warpath against.