Nevs: 5 New Saab Models By 2018

Manufacturing of the Saab 9-3 4 door will resume for the 2nd time, only now the vehicles are going to be marketed under the NEVS brand name, feature electric power trains and they`ll be manufactured in China.

NEVS, which acquired the assets of Saab right after the Swedish company’s bankruptcy at the end of 2011, and briefly manufactured the 9-3 in Sweden at the beginning of 2014 prior to running into its very own financial hardships, has intends to become an electric powered vehicle company and service provider of mobility services, concentrating at first within the Chinese marketplace.

NEVS on Wednesday obtained authorization from the Chinese authorities to make electric powered vehicles at the plant being built in Tianjin, an important port city in north-eastern China. The plant is predicted to become operational by the end-of 2017, by having an annual total capacity of 200,000 vehicles.

NEVS has now closed deals with Chinese companies to provide electric powered 9-3 vehicles. By far the most profitable is actually a $12 billion package with electric powered vehicle leasing company Panda New Energy. Within the contract, NEVS will provide Panda with 150,000 electric powered 9-3s in between now and 2020 A part of the contract will also see Panda be given 100,000 extra electric powered vehicles from NEVS plus some related services from organizations connected with NEVS.

NEVS really wants to ultimately provide a portfolio of electric powered vehicles. These extra vehicles are going to be true next-generation models using the Phoenix platform being manufactured by Saab just before its bankruptcy. NEVS has in the past suggested it plans to release three Sports utility vehicles along with a 4 door which has a fastback roof.

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