Put Petrol In Your Diesel Car?


Here Are Our Top 5 Tips

1. Cease fuelling instantly

If you have only put in a small amount of petrol, some industry experts say there is a possibility you’ll be able to get away with it – provided that there is only 5 % petrol in the diesel. If you choose to risk driving on, stop regularly to top-up the diesel fuel and therefore lessen the amount of petrol in the tank as fast as possible.

2. Notify the filling station attendants

They’ll take it in their stride, it happens to hapless car owners on a regular basis. Should they need you to shift your vehicle, get them to assist you to push it – remembering to switch the key while in the ignition just far enough to un-lock the steering. Do not light up the dash board lights or start the motor!

3. Contact your break down assistance or perhaps a professional misfuelling company

The filling station will more than likely have contact information for any appropriate organization in case your break down company cannot help. You shouldn’t be harassed into employing an operator you are not at ease with though, since you can find well-known national operators utilizing search engines and a mobile phone.

4. Wait around with the vehicle (so long as it is parked securely)

The tank usually can be drained and flushed out in situ in probably 30-40 minutes. After which you can fill it up once again – preferably with the proper fuel this time – and drive away.

5. Lock the vehicle and then leave it if you cannot wait around

Don’t be concerned about locking the doors with central locking if you do not wish to wait around with the vehicle. It will not have an effect on the fuel system.