Number 13 Plate – Unlucky For Some

13 plateSome architectural structures don’t possess a 13th floor, some football players will be put off by the number 13 top and today ill-fated 13 plate has generated a frisson of hysteria within the motor industry.

Car makers as well as the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) have already been talking over the way they will deal with the number 13 plate that comes into force in March.

In the AA opinion poll of 20,000 members, 10 % claimed they’d not purchase a vehicle having a registration number 13 plate.

A 3rd stated they reckoned they’d have much more trouble selling on the vehicle having a number 13 plate, with females showing much more superstitious anxiety than males.

Even though the DVLA insists the fact that the 13 plate is going to be displayed on vehicles when it comes into force, it does understand that some motorists might be a touch nervous about tempting fortune. Consequently some manufacturers believe that many drivers may even hold off purchasing a new vehicle until August, once the plate changes to 63 just to avoid the number 13 plate.

Great Britain is actually a more superstitious nation than could be anticipated. In accordance with one study, 74 % of men and women touch wood for great good fortune, whilst an additional 65 % cross their fingertips.

Even 25 % of people that believed to possess a scientific historical past confessed they as well were being superstitious.

Many different thoughts have already been discussed. One alternative would have been to permit anxious drivers to obtain a 62 plate. This has been ruled out by way of the DVLA due to the issues it might cause their computer systems.

It had been also thought that motorists could be unwilling to drop about £500 for the trade-in valuation on the vehicle once they came to sell it off after a couple of years.

“Some men and women might find they’re much less superstitious compared to what they recognized once they understand they’ll be getting a significant financial hit,” reported one motor industry supply.

Nevertheless two other available choices could be accessible to car owners to whom a lucky rabbit’s foot dangling on the rear-view mirror just isn’t enough to fend off evil spirits.

The first is to enable them to switch the number plate from their previous vehicle, for a small fee of £80. Another solution would be to offer car owners the chance to purchase a personalized “cherished” number, which happens to be offered by the DVLA from as low as £200.

Edmund King, the AA’s chief executive, was somewhat dismissive of superstitious car owners. “I would adore an Aston Martin DB9 with 13 plate upon it – I suppose I’d be extremely fortunate to have one as opposed to unfortunate.”

So how do you feel about a number 13 plate – personally I like it.