Clocking – It`s A Huge Problem

Car makers thought the modern computerised equipment used today, would be too much for the scammers who are clocking speedos to increase the valuation on motor vehicles. Sadly, since the technologies have become smarter so have the scammers. Consequently, car clocking continues to be a huge problem.

What exactly is vehicle clocking?

Car clocking is really a process where scammers take mile after mile off a car’s odometer, therefore it appears as though the vehicle may have been driven for a lot less miles than it in fact has. It’s a money-making scam as it can certainly add many hundreds of pounds to the price of a motor vehicle. For instance, taking 1,000 miles off of the clock may add between £125 and £400 on the second-hand value, reported by HPI, the automobile history specialists.

“Scammers” realize that lower mileage, modern motor vehicles get the greatest prices,” claims Daniel Burgess, MD of HPi.

Could it be a major problem?

The amount of clocked vehicles in the United Kingdom has grown by 10% in the last 5 years, states HPi. In reality, one out of 20 vehicles is actually thought to have been clocked. However, it isn’t against the law to change the mileage on a motor vehicle, only to hide it.

This means that motor vehicle clockers have the freedom to promote their expert services anywhere from eBay to classified advertisements.

How could i see if my vehicle has been clocked?

“My suggestions to the people purchasing a used car would be to be sure everything compares on the vehicle you’re intending to purchase,” states Phil Jones, commercial manager of Ask oneself: does the mileage appear to be correct for that age and type of car? What about the purchase price? If it’s way too good to be real, in all probability it is.”


Search around the odometer for indications of clocking, such as poorly in-line numbers, broken screw heads or finger prints within the casing. Nevertheless, electronic digital odometers could be altered with out removing them from your dash panel so there will not be any indication of tampering.

So keep an eye out for excessive amounts of wear and tear. Does the car’s speedometer say its done 10,000 miles although the bodywork would suggest otherwise? Similarly, has the seller attempted to conceal the vehicle age by changing the pedals, steering wheel or driver’s seat?

Request to view the car’s service historical background and prior MOT certificates – these really should show a gradually increasing mileage. There is also the historical past check performed by HPi for £19.99 to discover more regarding anything at all fake in the car’s past.

What can I actually do if my vehicle may be clocked?

If you discover your vehicle may be clocked, or highly believe that it has, you need to get in touch with Trading Standards In the event the motor vehicle may be ‘mis-described’, you have entitlement to a complete refund within the Sale of Goods Act 1979 so long as you take appropriate steps swiftly following your purchase.

Let it rest too long and it’ll be presumed you’ve accepted the vehicle and you’ll find it difficult to get any compensation.