Dutch Saab Retailers Order New Saabs

A number of Dutch Saab retailers, order new Saabs with the aid of a Swedish middle man. Following Ruud Blokhuis, who’s got 3 Saab companies within the Netherlands, Driessen Autogroup also put in an order.

Based on a write-up on BovagKrant, the brand new Saab 9-3 Aero Saloons will be displayed within the showrooms of Blokhuis in May 2014. For it is now stated Blokhuis has requested 3 versions. The Dutch businessman targets an optimistic impulse for the manufacturer encounter in the Netherlands. “Saab is and continues to be a niche market brand. We really don’t anticipate to realize large product sales figures, but we mainly concentrate on the Saab fanatics who would like to once again get a brand new Saab. Should there be significant interest we’ll obviously pick-up a lot more Saabs from Sweden.” Product sales prices and terms and conditions of shipping and delivery aren’t however known.

Also Driessen Autogroup leaped at the chance to offer faithful Saab buyers with new Saabs, as outlined by a write-up on Automotive Online. “We have a huge and dependable number of Saab enthusiasts in Brabant (region of Holland) who’re certainly pleased with this initiative”, states Jeroen Smits, Chief Business Representative at Driessen Autogroup. Smits also acknowledges a fascinating chance for the company marketplace using the forthcoming electric powered Saab 9-3.

These intriguing and favourable steps adhere to the effort from the Swedish Saab car dealership who requested a number of new Saabs for his clients. It may sound like a excellent company scenario for Saab centres. They are fully aware of dedicated Saab buyers who would like to purchase a Saab and so they do them a tremendous favour. Needless to say it is a rather large investment decision for the businesses concerned, however they could for instance utilize a pre-order program.

With any luck, the good news can motivate other Saab retailers, for now at least throughout European countries. Let’s suppose several retailers for every nation would obtain a few Saabs, the whole product sales figures of new Saabs could easily get a substantial boost throughout the restart of manufacturing. Obviously the selling of those initial vehicles might have a benefit because the desire aspect of enthusiasts has been waiting around for quite a while, so it is no promise for any continuous increase of product sales numbers, but it really is a crucial start with an ideally worldwide way forward for Saab as well as its foreseeable future designs in mind. Buyers awaiting a brand new Saab could be effectively served with a brand new Saab, and Saab companies can carry on dealing with new Saabs, hereby undoubtedly enhancing the Saab experience with the respected marketplaces.