NEVS Completes The Electric 9-3

NEVS has completed the development of the electric 9-3 motor vehicle.

There are various means of installing the batteries in the vehicle however, not many ways to achieve it so as not to compromise the driving experience. Among the list of major factors for the technical engineers at Saab is to retain, or maybe enhance the drivers experience with the vehicle, and therefore the batteries are actually positioned in the vehicle in such a way so it will not change the passenger space neither deteriorate the driving experience. Plenty of aim has therefore been put on the load and sense of balance of the vehicle.


In a couple of weeks the base-plate from the vehicle is going to be all set for production, and therefore the assembly line has to be reconstructed to be able to support the latest product which will be created on the production line. Both electric powered and petrol variation of the 9-3 will likely be developed on the very same line, also the electric 9-3 powered vehicles will be transported of to China to get the batteries fitted. Getting the batteries installed in China is equally financially and much more eco-friendly than initially shipping the batteries to Sweden for the complete set up.


200 Electric 9-3 powered cars will be created to become a part of a test-fleet in China; some electric 9-3 powered vehicles will likely remain in Sweden for more testing. This implies that an increase in the manufacturing rate will take place.