Saab 93B – First Saab To Be Exported

The Saab 93B was manufactured from 1956 right through to 1959 and was the very first Saab to get exported outside Sweden; in fact many of these exports were winding up in the USA.

The vehicle received lots of attention within the motor racing community, as it was anticipated that it would be competitive as a rally car. The Saab 93B was launched in 1957 with some aesthetic enhancements to the vehicle. Saab promoted the 93 as being a desirable, spacious, and comfy vehicle, as well as an ideal touring vehicle for the entire family. Saab even suggested among the car’s features that it was an excellent vehicle for the entire family to rest in on road trips instead of spending money on expensive hotels. Saab believed the vehicle was efficient, secure, and speedy—a vehicle that can deal with hilly tracks and very long, open stretches with equivalent ease. The Saab 93B was an instant hit.

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