Google Glass – A Warning To Motorists

Individuals found using the new Google Glass system while driving could be disciplined, the Authorities have stated.

Google Glass, which will go on sale the coming year, is basically a hands-free system, with users sporting a set of glasses, with one lens which has a tiny screen which shows images, video and wording. Instructions could be sent towards the system by way of voice recognition, but due to visual element of Google Glass, industry experts believe it might side-track motorists.Google Glass Image

The Department for Transport (DfT) stated: “It is essential that motorists give their complete focus when they’re driving and don’t act in a manner that prevents them from watching what’s happening on the highway.

“An array of criminal offenses and penalty charges currently exist to deal with individuals motorists who don’t pay appropriate attention to the highway, such as careless driving that will soon be a fixed penalty offence.”

The DfT stated it is in discussion with the police force to make sure that individuals captured while using the Google Glass system when driving are disciplined, although it’s not crystal clear whether Google Glass is going to be dealt with in the same manner as a mobile phone.