Could You Pass Your Driving Test Again?

The Driving Test :

The road safety group, and the best for break down cover in the United Kingdom, GEM Motoring Assist today shows an enormous 76 % of United Kingdom drivers remain positive, that they’d pass their driving test and ability first-time if they needed to take it all over again.


In spite of claims that motorists master awful habits, and grow more laid back regarding their driving style in the many years after completing their very first driving test, GEM’s most recent opinion poll demonstrates that drivers wouldn’t be fazed through taking a further driving test these days, with over 67 % optimistic they would successfully pass it once again.


Exactly the same can’t be reported for the theory examination, nevertheless, with fewer than 50 % of people surveyed thinking they’d pass it, and 41 % uncertain how well they would do. Only 35 % feel they’re as knowledgeable about the Highway Code now, as when they had taken the test initially.


Above 26 % confessed that car parking is the greatest problem in the practical driving  test, with reversing identified as being the 2nd most probable reason for failing, closely followed by town driving. Not a solitary driver interviewed declared that dual carriageway driving would make them fail. Demonstrating nerves of steel, 74 % of drivers stated, they’d be much less nervous re-taking their driving test now than if they did in the beginning.


David Williams MBE, Boss of GEM Motoring Assist, remarks: it is fantastic to discover that, for a nation, we’re extremely positive about our driving capability. It will undoubtedly be a worry to get drivers on our streets who think their driving is a whole lot worse. On the other hand, it’s much less pleasing that motorists appear to have overlooked almost everything concerning the theory test, due to the fact they passed it however many years back. An absence of understanding of the Highway Code may lead to a significant accident, therefore we do need motorists to help keep as updated as they can.”


I have created an easy driving test Street Sign Check sheet <>to really encourage motorists to self-test their understanding.