Surveillance Cameras On Motorways

The Highways Agency intends to set up new surveillance cameras on motorways that may impose the 70 miles per-hour restriction.

These ought to provide the government bodies with rich pickings as – based on a study for Autocar Publication – almost ninety-five per cent of drivers have confessed to exceeding the speed limit on the motorway. Up to now, enforcement surveillance cameras have helped being short-term fixtures near to road works that safeguarded the staff, or installed in vehicles by the kerbside as well as on bridges. The brand new surveillance cameras will probably be set up on the M1, M6 as well as the M25 as the main smart motorway system. It will help manage traffic movement by creating total capacity by way of methods including different speed restrictions and opening up the surveillance camerashard shoulder for non-emergency traffic (as required). The surveillance cameras are already nicknamed ‘stealth’ cameras by portions of the press as their colouring will probably be grey as opposed to the more noticeable vivid yellow. Pundits, for that reason, have suggested that the installations of surveillance cameras which are difficult to see are going to have very little influence on reducing traffic speed. Nonetheless, the Highways Agency has stressed the surveillance cameras are going to be signposted and therefore – as with all other road style ‘the responsibility is to the motorist to adhere to the speed limit’. – See much more at: