Diesel Power – The Undesired

What exactly is the issue? Motor vehicle excise duty was reduce in 2001 on diesel-engine vehicles to cut back carbon dioxide pollution levels to promote buying of fuel-efficient diesels. The policy was as a result of the 1997 Kyoto climatic change treaty. It’s been roaring success with four in 10 vehicles on British roads operating on diesel fuel, nearly 12 million. Nevertheless it has since surfaced that diesel-powered engines generate 4 times more nitrogen dioxide and 22 times extra particulates, both significant dangers to health.

What exactly is occurring? The Government have been successfully prosecuted by environmental organizations and it has been given until Tuesday next week to reveal a fresh crackdown on diesel-engined motorists.Diesel scrappage program

What will the Government do? Ministers are looking at a focused scrappage program or paying out to retrofit vehicles with filters.

How the Tories’ specific scheme is dissimilar to Labour’s vehicle scrappage scheme? In the 2009 scheme car owners received £2,000 toward the buying price of a brand new vehicle in return for swapping older models. The targeted scrappage program would only affect those who own older vehicles residing in polluted areas.

What more is possible? New clean air zones could limit vehicles getting into cities and towns. Speed bumps might go to reduce air pollution and smooth traffic flow.