Noise minimizing car tyres introduced

A number of styles of vehicle are implementing a selection of car tyres which are believed to drastically reduce the sound levels reaching the interior of your vehicle.ContiSilent tyre

A “ContiSilent” technology entails bonding a layer to within the tread region right after the car tyres are manufactured. This company, Continental, boasts the foam layer drastically dampens noises from the car tyres movements.

Stopping and handling qualities of the tyre will not be affected, according to the organization, whilst normal wheel rims and appropriate procedures can be employed on the car tyres in both routine servicing and in the eventuality of a break down.

Audi’s RS6 Avant as well as the RS7 Sportback versions are some of the very first to feature the brand new tyre technological innovation, and also the A8 is earmarked to begin employing the car tyres in the near future.

An additional RO1 symbol around the sidewall of the car tyres will signify those with ContiSilent technological innovation.