Satellite Navigation System Tips

No matter what your age group it’s essential that you be aware of the limitations of your satellite navigation systemTomTom Sat Nav so as to obtain the best from it without getting yourself into difficulty.

You are driving the vehicle – not the satellite navigation system:

You can’t put the blame on the sat nav if you commit a motoring offence or have a car accident – It’s still your fault.

Rely on your eyes not the satellite navigation:

Many people have actually been stranded in fords, driven into estuaries and rivers and along railways as their sat nav instructed them to. When the road seems to be wrong, don’t go on it.

Guess what you’re driving, the satellite navigation most likely doesn’t:

For those who have a sizable vehicle or perhaps a caravan, you can’t be certain that a road is correct simply because the sat nav says to you to go down it. Watch out for indications.

Observe the highway not the satellite navigation:

A sat nav can provide a variety of information regarding where you stand heading, a lot of which you don’t need.

Don’t obstruct your view of the highway:

The sat nav ought to be in your line of view. You don’t want to look down or flip your head further, but it shouldn’t block your view of the highway. Place it exactly where it won’t harm anybody in an accident.

Don’t attempt to program the satellite navigation whilst driving:

Programming on the go is going to take one hand from the steering wheel, two eyes from the highway as well as a brain from your driving. Always pull over prior to altering settings.

Use all of the functions:

Over a complex, busy roundabout, it’s foolish to take your vision off course to check out the sat nav, far better to get voiced instructions.

Confirm the route adds up before going:

Will be the sat nav be taking you to the correct Farnborough, Hampshire, Warwickshire or indeed Kent? If you set up the incorrect desired destination, it will lead you towards the completely wrong destination. Does the path appear correct?

Upgrade the satellite navigation frequently:

It must know about new streets, new traffic systems and frequently continue to keep itself up-to-date.

Crooks like sat navs as well:

If it’s easily-removed, always remove it whenever you leave the car. Brackets or suction cap markings also catch the attention of criminals as they already know motorists who take off the sat nav from the window are likely to keep it inside the car.