Wrong Fuel In Your Saab?

imagesIf you’ve inadvertently put the completely wrong fuel in your Saab, don’t switch on the key or start the motor. This will likely distribute the polluted fuel and raise the potential risk of costly harm.

You wouldn’t be on your own. A minimum of 150,000 motorists put the incorrect fuel into their vehicle annually. That’s 1 just about every three-and-a-half min. Maybe it’s a consequence of becoming a newbie to the car or just getting side-tracked whilst filling.

‘Misfuelling’ appears to be connected especially with the rise in diesel fuel vehicle sales. Modern day diesels are really quiet it’s very easy to forget you’re driving one, especially if it’s an additional family vehicle or car rental.

Possible harm to your vehicle:

Diesel-powered fuel pumps work on really fine specifications and also at high pressures – modern day systems operate at between 350 and 1600 bar) – and therefore are lubricated from the fuel. Petrol in diesel engine behaves as a solvent, decreasing lubrication, and may result in deterioration to the pump by means of metal to metal contact.

Metallic contaminants in the damaged pump could be deposited within the fuel leading to additional harm to the remainder of the fuel system.

There are some fuel system seals that can be troubled by the small substances in petroleum as well.

The more the polluted fuel gets into the system the greater expensive of the repair. In some instances it may be less costly to install a brand new engine!

Common rail (or HDi) diesel powered engines are especially susceptible – if fuel polluted by pump wear particles gets so far as the common rail system you might have to change the low as well as the high-pressure fuel pumps,  all the injectors, fuel rail, line filter systems and also the fuel tank.

Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) petroleum engines are especially prone to damage as well.

Numerous vehicles possess a low-pressure electric powered pump within the tank which begins to function as soon as the key is turned on, distributing polluted fuel throughout the pump and rail, so it’s crucial to not switch the ignition on.