Tech2 Globaltis Security Access

Saab 9-3 9-5 Genuine Globaltis148 – Tis2000 – WIS – EPC & Haynes Pro

Loaded From The Original Saab Main Dealer Discs

Look at the Orio prices to see how much you can save by buying this laptop.

Dell laptop loaded with the same genuine Saab software that Saab dealers would use in the workshop.

Not all Saab service centres / specialists have this level of software (I know because I have sold laptops to them) they download SPS and security access from Orio via a paid subscription. With this laptop there`s nothing to pay. The issues with Saab Orio means owning this laptop you will NOT have Orio issues. Everything you need is programmed into this laptop.

Globaltis148  this was the last version that Saab released. This is rare and enables programming up to 2012 cars.

TIS2000 like Globaltis  but for older vehicles up to 2007

WIS (Workshop Information System) – simply the best manual you`ll ever see. Walks you through anything you`ll need for your Saab. Including wiring diagrams, DTC explanation and how to locate the fault, to remove & refit every part on a Saab model listed. WIS is so worth having in the garage to go through step by step to diagnose and locate and rectify your faults. (Not to be confused with Wis-online – which lacks detail)

EPC  (Electronic Parts Catalogue) to find the part you need for your Saab with VIN model search. It will even give you details where your Saab was built!

Tech2 User Guide this is a 300 page pdf on using and maintaining a Tech2

Tech2 available – Please enquire

Everything the Saab specialist / owner / enthusiast could need.

Without subscription!!

With Lifetime Licence!!

You will be able to make adjustments – Add modules – Add keys – SPS – with the enabled security access granted through Globaltis148 via serial port to Tech2 (remember not everyone has 148 they only have 146)

The Dell laptop is fully programmed and will work straight out of the box – Charger is included

I will include some basic instructions for reference

Also loaded is my own version of Haynes Pro. Similar to AutoData – Only available If requested 

This has every technical detail / image for any vehicle. Fully working offline to look up service schedules, settings, capacities, torques, cambelt instructions, steering geometry, etc etc –  Without subscription.

Very handy if you work on other makes of car or own other cars.

Will be shipped / tracked via UPS

Buy from a Saab technician that has the genuine software and understands Saab. 

Email me for info :

Thanks for looking!