Nevs To Release A New Saab In 2014

Nevs the brand new owners of broke Swedish car maker Saab, intend to release their very first design in 2014, they reported on Monday, Although the vehicles can be named Saabs, they’ll lack the brand’s famous griffin emblem.

Following months of discussions, electric powered vehicle consortium and the new Saab owner Nevs, has arrived at a binding agreement in regards to the Saab name brand and emblem, in so doing concluding the purchase of the insolvent car maker for good.

”We are extremely delighted the package is finalized and now we can execute and put into action our business plan” stated Mattias Bergman from Nevs to media organization TT.

The electrical vehicle consortium National Electric Vehicle Sweden AB, or Nevs, a combined enterprise involving China’s National Modern Energy Holdings as well as the Japan fund Sun Investment, arrived at a binding agreement together with the Saab Defence Group and truck producer Scania in regards to the Saab brand name, thus finishing purchasing the legendary brand name for an undisclosed amount.

In accordance with the contract, the electrical vehicles may be called Saab however the organization can’t make use of the old griffin emblem, which was shared with the Saab defence and aeronautics team and Scania vehicles, which all was previously part of the very same company group.

“We are in an agreement with regards to the brand. There exists a licence deal with Saab AB which enables it to make use of the name as our brand name. This company is going to be known as Nevs and the products are going to be called Saab,” Bergman stated.

According to the organization the emblem was significantly less important to the business. “We are developing a new organization along with a new image. But it was Saab we required,” Bergman advised TT. Having said that, Nevs failed to disclose what its new logo design would be.

Nevs is intending to launch their very first vehicle in approximately a year and a half, during the very first half of 2014, according to the organization.

“In roughly 18 months, we intend to introduce our very first electrical motor vehicle based upon Saab 9-3 technological innovation as well as a new technology electrical powertrain,” the ceo of Nevs, Karl-Erling Trogen, stated in a declaration on Monday.

The brand new Saabs will principally be targeted at the China market. “The Chinese can increasingly manage to pay for cars; having said that, the worldwide oil supply wouldn’t be adequate should they all purchase petroleum-fuelled motor vehicles,” Nevs primary owner Kai Johan Jiang explained. “Chinese consumers need to have a high quality electric powered vehicle, which we are able to provide by obtaining Saab Automobile in Trollhättan,” he added.

“The objectives of creating new electric vehicles based upon Saab’s established technologies are imaginative and forward-looking. They fit in perfectly with all the pre-existing exploration and development in the Swedish motor vehicle marketplace,” minister for business Annie Lööf claimed in a statement.