Should I Run My A/C In The Winter?


So, do i need to operate my air conditioning in the winter months?

Without a doubt, you really should. Even though you do not want your vehicle to become any colder than it really is, you need to operate your air con system at the very least every few weeks for just a quick spell on full-cold (10 mins ought to be fine), that will enable the coolant to flow throughout the system.

The reason being the coolant in fact includes a lubricant that keeps all of the rubber seals and pipework in good shape. Failing to apply your ac for a long time means the coolant will not move about, and the lube probably won’t act upon the rubber components.

With no regular use, dampness can develop up inside the air vent ductwork the system employs to pipe cool air to your air vents. This humidity may cause mildew and bacterias to create, which can be then blown in to the vehicle once you start the system again following months of inactivity.

Air conditioning can also be a major tool that will help you keep your visibility over the winter season. It will not just cool the air inside your vehicle – it dries it as well.

Which means using air conditioning eliminates dampness in the atmosphere, which can be especially helpful during the cold months. It keeps your dashboard or windscreen and windows very clear – therefore if you are steaming up, switching the air conditioning on can help significantly, also it can assist clear misting from the glass faster, helping you to set off with very very clear windows sooner than you otherwise would.