Just What Exactly Is The DPF Anyway?

Almost all diesel-engine motor vehicles as well as commercial vehicles, constructed after 2006 employ a DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) fitted into the exhaust system.

A number of motor vehicles also have them installed since 2001 such as Fiat, Peugeot and Citroen. As a filtration system, it’s task will be to capture and keep soot particles generated through the engine combustion procedure from getting into the natural environment, then after so many miles travelled the motor will enter into a regeneration cycle which is designed to thoroughly clean the filtration system by burning up the soot and making it into ash.


Without doubt every single DPF filter will probably block sooner or later. Virtually all manufacturers will maintain this may take a number of years, but simply because this technological innovation is new, we’ll only find out as time passes, as well as the length of time they are going to last. This is certainly making diesel engine lovers really anxious, because they are definitely not cheap to change.


A primary DPF worry is the diesel particle filter on its own creates a blockage inside the exhaust system. This along with the diesel catalytic converter translates into many pounds per square in. Of congestion and backpressure inside your exhaust. Considering the fact that incorporating the DPF to the exhaust system produces a decrease in fuel mileage, many question exactly why the government decided to make this technological innovation a necessity, especially when it isn’t even utilized in many parts of the modern world. Considering that diesel fuel is readily available in the United Kingdom is ultra low sulphur, there isn’t as much pollutant matter generated by diesel engines. Incorporating a diesel particulate filter tends to make significantly more issues than it’s meant to resolve, which is why a lot of people use a DPF removal company.


Using innovative customized DPF Removal Software, will alter your car’s engine management system to completely disarm the diesel particulate filter, therefore you will never have anymore DPF warning lamps on the dash board, your engine entering LIMP mode or anymore expensive DPF problems.


With the new customized Software program set up in the engine management system, as well as the DPF taken off your vehicle you’ll have a much better totally free flowing exhaust system that will supply much more power with much better fuel consumption, with out DPF blockage problems or DPF warning lamps to trouble you ever again