Saab V8 Engine Project

Take a closer look at the very rare Saab V8 powerplant manufactured in Finland in 1989. The unique Saab V8 engine, engineered in Finland at the end of 1980’s – 4 stroke spark-ignition prototype.

The director of the SAAB-Valmet Uusikaupunki motor vehicle manufacturing plant, got the notion for a SAAB V8 during one of his visits to the United States. People adored the SAAB 900 Convertible within the U.S., but believed that two-litre inline four cylinders had been more suited to lawnmowers – even though they’d a Turbo. Linnoinen’s idea would have been to style and design and create V8 SAAB for that American marketplace in Finland.

The end result of his endeavours may be seen in the subsequent video. All 5 engines finished in 1989, and never ever moved into serial manufacturing stage. The displacement was 4 litres, and the produced power was 300hp:

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General Motors was a partner in Saab Automobile, so as a substitute required Saab to make use of their new V6, which lead to the scrapping of the venture