Top 5 Speeding Myths – Busted

Could you seriously claim that you have never broken the speed limit?

I do not mean roaring along the motorway at 150mph. I am talking about just deviating above the speed limit by a couple of miles-per-hour, just before noticing what you have done and swiftly easing off the gas.

Well in the event your reply is still yes then you are either extremely careful, law-abiding driver, or perhaps an extremely excellent fibber.

But if you were unlucky enough to get yourself a speeding ticket, then you will know about the misconceptions which are in existence concerning speeding, which individuals are too willing to explain to you about in a very fairly smug way following the event.

You know the type of thing.

Were there two policemen current at that time? Was one of those wearing a helmet? Was the highway wet? Where you driving a vehicle in to the wind?

As with many idle misconceptions, they are exactly that – misconceptions.

Here are probably the most widely used stories surrounding speeding fees and penalties and why they should not be believed.

  1. You are entitled to speed… a little bit

Have you ever heard the one about being permitted to do 10% plus 2 mph above the speed limit?

This is among the most common myth going with regards to speeding penalties, however absolutely wrong within the eyes of the law.

Of course, traffic police officers will have guidelines (and they’re exactly that) concerning the 10% plus two figure. But whether you get let off is solely for the discretion of the cops – who aren’t obligated to do this.

  1. Just say your Grandmother is in hospital

To appeal a speeding ticket, you have to be in a position to show beyond reasonable doubt that those who caught you have been wrong, or their equipment was defective.

Merely stating you had been dashing to the hospital to visit your sickly granny will not work, simply because acknowledging that you had been exceeding the speed limit, is just like pleading guilty to the charge.

In the same manner, should you deny the charge this can be considered pleading not guilty in the criminal trial.

So if you are considering challenging your conviction you will need to cast doubt on the criminal prosecution – which is why you will need to have a remarkably good excuse and hard evidence to achieve success.

  1. Your speedo is incorrect  speed camera policeman

Had you been driving a car 30 years ago perhaps, but improvements in engineering show that speedometers are in fact far more accurate now than they have been – which means you shouldn’t underestimate your speed.

It’s possible to overestimate within10%, which means that it’s possible to be traveling at 62 mph when the dial in fact says 70mph.

But it’s usually much better to be safe than sorry.

  1. Play Dumb

As everyone knows, ignorance of the law is not an excuse and this also is applicable to speeding as much as any other offence.

Lots of people have no idea exactly what the limit is on the streets they’re using, or really aren’t aware they’re going so quick as a result of failing to pay attention – however this just isn’t a good enough defence and will not see the speeding fine overturned.

Motorists need to concentrate on variable speed limits as well as the kind of vehicle they are driving – as vans tend to be regulated by different speed restrictions than cars.

  1. Send a cheque for way too much and you will avoid the points

One more well-known yarn amongst bar stool experts, it is a myth that’s been about for many years.

Nevertheless, it’s totally false.

The tale goes that points are only able to be put into your license when all financial dealings are actually completed. So writing a cheque for £60.01 for the £60 fine, for instance, means you’re due a cheque yourself to reimburse the 1p – which, needless to say, never ever gets banked.

The only real likely results of this action are to be facing a charge for wasting police time or perverting the course of justice.