Part Worn Tyres; Too Much To Risk

Part worn tyres; they might appear to be an economical option to new tyres; particularly if you drive an older vehicle, but surely part worn tyres are just an accident ready to happen according to industry experts.

The word of caution comes from Micheldever Tyre Services, among the biggest retailers of car tyres in the United Kingdom. In line with the law part worn car tyres can only be sold when they fulfill the prerequisites, which include certain factors like structural strength of the casing, along with a minimum tread depth of 2mm. They have to in addition have the text ‘Part Worn’ written plainly on the sidewall of the tyre.

Nevertheless, the degree of real danger that is presented by these car or van tyres was underlined a year ago by Birmingham Trading Standards which discovered that 90% of the part worn tyres they evaluated still did not match the minimum lawful requirements.

“Car tyres taken off motor vehicles are often removed for a reason”, states Mark Harley of Micheldever Tyres, “they could possibly have concealed damage that is only likely to become exposed once the vehicle is driven down the street. The truth is they present a genuine road safety threat, they are certainly not fit for purpose and actually offer you very poor value for money”.

Based on a recently available survey, organized in partnership with tyre safety group TyreSafe, the purchase price for each mm of any part worn tyres, as opposed to a brand new tyre was practically double the amount. So there are no actual savings to be made at all.

Micheldever and its particular 63 Protyre divisions have recently announced a scheme of debilitating all old tyres taken from any vehicles, including vans and trucks.This is successfully achieved by making two holes within the side wall of the tyre, making certain that they just don’t end up again back on to United Kingdom roads. The disabled old part worn tyres are then discarded by way of the organization in accordance with the requirements set out within the Responsible Recycler Scheme.

Micheldever states that, it can accept that some individuals decide on part worn tyres, as a way of lowering costs and by purchasing from outlets that comply with the guidelines, and label the old tyres appropriately. Nevertheless it says that a great many used tyre traders are simply neglecting certain requirements under the legal guidelines, which were set up to safeguard motorists as well as the many other road users.