No Sloppy Engine Oil Top Ups

The revolutionary no spill Flowcontrol oil container is designed to eliminate sloppy engine oil top ups. Millers Oils Flowcontrol container

There was a time when you were not able to purchase a bottle of washing powder without a dispenser attached. They arrived in all sizes and shapes and a little bit of an arms battle developed with dispensers of skyrocketing intricacy. Could just be the very first shots in a very similar battle among oil suppliers have been fired off now with the start of the brand new Millers Oils Flowcontrol container.

The purpose of Flowcontrol would be to avoid the familiar sloppy means of topping up or re-filling a car’s engine from the typical five-litre plastic-type container and unintentionally pouring oil everywhere over the engine, which in turn burns up filling up the cabin with the odor of overheated oil.

Millers Oils, the UK based oil formula specialist and manufacturer states that 80 per-cent of vehicles visiting garages have very low oil levels, but owners do not like topping up for the reason that job is really so sloppy. With all the growing diversity of specialist oils for specific vehicles and manufacturers, garages also have a tendency to use five-litre containers instead of depend of bulk lubrication oil storage. So the Flowcontrol container really should be a boom for them, as well.

The container is typical to look at aside from an extended pipe at the very top, with a regular cap along with a screw valve. You just remove the cap, align the opening with the motor’s oil filler then utilize the screw valve to manage the quantity of oil flowing in to the engine.

It was developed and mastered by Neville Hall, the director of Millers Oils, who created the design and style within his own workshop prior to passing it to the organization’s product packaging specialists. The control device system adds about 50p a container and you will find extra transport expenses because it does not stack as compactly, but Hall states the very competitive benefit it provides the business will let it swallow the extra expenses. Additional improvement is in the pipeline with a sight meter planned to permit users to determine just how much oil they’ve put in.

The brand new container is going to be available from selected retailers in July 2014, and will retail at around the same price as a standard container of the identical grade oil.